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Placenta Encapsulation Benefits

Encapsulation has been shown to improve Iron levels, replenish proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Balance your hormones.

Increase or enhance your milk supply.

When can the placenta be used?

The placenta can be used almost always. There are very few cases in which it may not, specifically when the hospital has to chemically treat the placenta in pathology. 

The placenta is able to be encapsulated under many circumstances and under many medications, antibiotics, or procedures used during the birth.

What do we do once the placenta is birthed?

The placenta should be placed in a food grade container or bag and placed on ice, or in the refrigerator. If it’s a hospital birth, the staff can put it on ice for you and may even have a container for you to use. I will pick up the placenta within 24 hrs at your place of birth, or I can meet up with a friend or member of the family who will be transporting it for you. 

I then process the placenta and return. I process only one placenta at a time as to avoid cross contamination.

I do appreciate a heads up once you believe labor has begun, so that I can be ready to pick up.

So we are looking at doulas, when do we reach out to you?

I offer free consultations, and I am willing to meet you at any time in your pregnancy when you are starting the interview process.

Consultations and all prenatal preparation appointments are done at Sacred Health 4123 University Ave, Des Moines.

Prenatal and postnatal preparation visits

Aside from our original consultation, we will go on to have 2-4 prenatal preparation visits. These are outlined appointments- with room for any additional conversation. After the first appointment you will receive a client folder with exclusive resources. Each appointment ending you will be left with expectations as to what to expect at the next, and some example questions to have ready. There is always room for additional appointments should you desire. 

We schedule 1-2 postnatal visits to return placenta if you are choosing to have it encapsulated, assess maternal mental health, infants feeding, go over local resources, and any additional questions that may arise.

How often do I contact you?

I am reachable by text and email anytime, and will get back to you as soon as possible. If a phone call is desired, please send a text or email prior and I will schedule a phone call for us. You are able to reach out in regards to anything- you may contact about your emotional well-being, physical, for educational or emotional support. 

I am on call beginning at 38 weeks unless otherwise noted, and will still come to births before the 38 week marker should you go into labor.


Cheyenne Deal, Doula and Encapsulator

I would love to answer any additional questions you may have in regards to the services I have to offer. I am looking forward to allocating my career to women and birthing persons who have a desire to be in control of their decision making with informed consent.

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